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Saturday February 8th - March 14th, Maroubra 7am - 7.45am.
$120 for members; $150 for non members.

These sessions are not for the faint hearted. Burn off any extra kilos gained over the festive season and start your weekend with a hard but fun session. The swim afterwards is an absolute dream. This is an add on to the membership. Please click on the link below to reserve your spot.

“The sessions are always challenging and the trainers have a good approach to finding the right balance between pushing each individual to (and beyond) their limits and keeping the sessions enjoyable.  The group is a good mix of people who are all there to get fit and try and have some fun doing it.” 
—  Scott
Scott was was going to the gym doing the same classes and workouts every week.  He got some good results initially then his progress slowed and he felt like he was working just as hard for only marginal improvements – then he discovered HHF.
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