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At Healthy Habit we always strive to do our best for you. We like to think we go the extra mile to help you get the most out of your workouts and enjoy your experience with us. Not only do we endeavour to work you hard and help you see the results you want but we also add in a little extra to make it fun too. 

As a member of HHF hear are just some of the benefits you get:
Throughout the year we offer five different challenges that will keep you o your toes so you never get bored. To see the challenges click here.

In every challenge we have personal or team competition for you. This is light hearted and fun and will also help you keep motivated. Whether it is beating your own 2km time trial or joining in the team adventure course, there is something for everyone to take part in if they wish.

We have fantastic dinners out at the end of each challenges too. It is a good way to reward yourself after 10-12 weeks of hard training and commitment. Our Christmas party is the key event for the year. We have a presentation to reward these that have tried and accomplished throughout the year. It is a great ay to reflect on all that you have done, and trust me you will be supplied how much that is.

Unlike gyms we message you if you don't turn up! It is our mission to make and keep fitness your healthy habit.



At HHF we encourage you to bring a friend! It can really help with your motivation and you can share the pain together! hahaha If one of your friends signs up then you get a free week. 

If you have any niggles or pre existing injuries we are more than happy to work with your physios. We can easily alter exercises to suit your needs and keep you progressing too. 

As part of your membership you have access to all the parks! This is not an added cost. You can also cross over to Bootcamp or Mums and Bubs too. We are currently training at Sydney Park,  Steel Park, Marrickville, Queens Park and Centennial Park. 

Every member gets a free singlet to feel part of the team and be proud to show your dots! As a brand we are femur for our dots, people spilt them from miles.
Every month we run a mini competition called 'show us your dots'. The member that post the best photo of them in their singlet will win a prize! Check out the #showusyourdots for some inspiration.

For your two week trial we also throw in a one on one fitness assessment to help give you an idea of where you are at. Together we set goals and can also discuss nutrition if wanted. After 6 weeks we will reassess you show you how far you have come.

Our friends down at the kiosk will give you 10% off any purchase the you are wearing your singlet or cap. This is an awesome kiosk that is very kid and dog friendly too. 

If you want some stylish leggings or shorts to go with your singlets then Bondi Active are offering 20% off all order over $50. Simply enter the code HEALTHYHABIT at checkout.

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