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We are looking for 10 lucky, new mums who want to transform their fitness, vitality and sense of wellbeing with our 7 week post and pre-natal free* group training in STEEL PARK, MARRICKVILLE.

Not only will you meet new mums in your area, you’ll get stronger, leaner and fitter with our program designed to suit you no matter your current fitness level. It’s about showing up regularly – twice a week at least – and enjoying the camaraderie and support. 

The 7 week group fitness training is free if you meet the full list of criteria which includes attending a minimum of 2 classes a week. To sign up and get full details, scan the QR code or go to the link below.


Everyone who signs up also gets a free copy of the Healthy Habit Fitness (HHF) Pram Workout.

"Start of the 7 week Challenge I weighed in at 74.9kg now after almost finishing week 7 I am currently 69.5kg!!! Back in the 60’s!!! Positive self motivation for myself ... I love being able to slowly fit into my old clothes! Thank you so much for pushing me!' Kelly (7 Week Challenge, Centennial Park).


Answer yes to ALL the conditions below and you are eligible!
  1. Is at least one of your children 8 weeks – 12 months old?

  2. Do you live in or near Marrickville?

  3. Have you done any exercise before?

  4. Would you like to have more energy and find ways to reduce the stress of being a new mum?

  5. Would you like to do something just for yourself for an hour and meet new mums in your area at the same time?

  6. Would you like to fit into your pre-baby clothes again?

  7. Will you agree to before and after photos? 

  8. Will you commit to 2 x 1hr group sessions per week for SEVEN weeks - as a minimum? (We take a roll call at each session and send you attendance reminders)

  9. Are you willing to also do 2 x 45 minute walks per week for SEVEN weeks? Will you agree to sign up to the ‘Map my Walk’ free app when you join our group?

  10. Would you like to have our nannies look after your child while you workout?

How does it work?


If you answer yes to ALL 10 conditions you are eligible for the training. All you need to do is pay a 100% refundable deposit of $350 at the beginning of the training program. If you meet ALL the conditions over the 7 week period you get your full deposit back!

QUICK! Put your deposit down now to secure your place: 


See full terms and conditions here.



Alex Verneau is just loved by our current mums in training. 

With his four years of experience in training women he really knows how to help you get the most out of your work out.

He has invaluable advice on weight loss. His first hand experience as a body builder certainly comes into good use. 

His friendly and warm nature will help you feel at ease throughout your workout and fitness journey.

We are lucky to have him!


MONDAY           9.30AM - 10.30AM

WEDNESDAY   9.30AM - 10.30AM

THURSDAY      9.30AM - 10.30AM

Steel Park, Illawara Road ,Marrickville.

“Healthy Habit not only keeps me physically fit and strong, but it's a source of sanity for me too. I'm sure I'm a nicer mother for it! Outdoor training beats the gym any day and the trainers are great people and full of praise.” 
—  Katie
Juggling family life, work and study meant Katie needed to be super organized and needing to maintain her energy.
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