We really believe a healthy body really does lead to a healthy mind. 


We’ll challenge you and you’ll always have variety and never get bored. We stand out from the rest because every 8-11 weeks we change our training style and challenges. We keep you on your toes and encourage you to reach your goals and keep achieving.


A lot of our members feel like we’ve created a community - not just a fitness group.

Key results of training with us

Weight loss


More motivation

Improved mental health

Less Stressed

Less anxiety

Goal to achievements

Greater sense of wellbeing

Improved strength and stamina

What people like about us

We are a team of warm, friendly and encouraging people. We’re all here to keep up our healthy habit of fitness, have some fun along the way and stay fit for life. 


Frequent, regular 45 minute outdoor workouts is what helps us take on the day, sleep well, feel good and be a positive role model to our friends and family.


People love our ‘fitness retreat’ weekends away.


We have prizes at the end of our fitness programs for Most Improved Member.


At our Christmas party we recognise those who’ve really worked hard during the year.


Fitness… make it a habit!

“I loved the weekend away at the beginning of the year, it totally ‘killed me’ and loved the challenges throughout the year ” 
—  Colin