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How Healthy Habit Fitness changed my bad habits!

Our Super nanny Lauren is well known and loved at Healthy Habit. She is the lady that looks after your little ones while you train. She is the lady that gives you that all important hour to focus on yourself, your fitness. Her calm and loving nature radiates to the little ones who love coming to see her.

Lauren came to Healthy Habit five years ago as a member and then started nannying for us too. Featured in Kid Spot last month she explains how joining Healthy Habit Fitness, and being around like minded people, has had a positive influence on her amazing transformation. Not only has she been an amazing asset to HHF but she has also lost the weight, made a huge improvement in her fitness and made some life long friends.

Thank you for being in HHF and thank you for believing in yourself, we always new you could do it.

Read her amazing story here.

If you want to see yourself transform then contacting us is your first step! Do it today, we are here to help!

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