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How to remember your Christmas Party

With the opening up of bars and clubs, and even dancefloors, its easy to get carried away at your work Christmas party. But if you want to remember it, and not wake up the morning after with a sore head and handbag full of regret then read on... We have your Ultimate Christmas Party survival guide.

It all comes down to the plan - We've all heard the saying failure to plan is planning for failure. Well its never been more true, so think ahead, plan ahead and decide before you even get in the uber what the night is going to look like.

What exactly do you need to plan? Glad you asked...

  1. Eating before you leave Even if you're going for dinner or nibbles have a snack beforehand. You don't want to have any drinks on an empty stomach, plus you never know when the food will arrive, or how much of it there will be. (BONUS! This will also stop you overeating at dinner and help you consume less calories overall).

  2. Your first drink - Plan what you will have as your first drink. We recommended a low strength beer or other low alcohol drink. If you start on something stronger its much more likely you'll stay on that drink and end up consuming more alcohol throughout the night.

  3. Having water between each drink - Although this won't sober you up - only time can do this - it will help your hydration levels and reduce the amount of alcohol consumed across the night. It will also help avoid the dreaded hangover headache the next day so you will make better food choices and be less likely to skip your workout - win win.

  4. Your overall drink limit - Plan how many drinks you will have and set a limit. Health recommendations suggest no more than 10 in a week and 3 or 4 in one sitting.

  5. Your morning after-meal - Set yourself up for the next morning. Even one or two drinks can make your body crave the wrong foods. Have eggs, avocado, spinach and wholegrain toast ready to go to reduce the chance of grabbing that greasy bacon and egg roll from your local cafe.

Have fun and enjoy the holiday season, just take some steps to ensure you can also remember it!

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