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Postnatal Recovery Course 

Not quite ready for the group classes? 

Join our 4 week FREE online post natal course that will get you on the right track to
returning to exercise.
Giving birth is one of the most taxing things you can do to your body. It is absolutely
wonderful but can have life long effects if you don’t take the right steps
and recover
properly from the start.


Our free online sessions can be done from the comfort of your own home. They are a gentle introduction to pelvic floor strengthening, ab separation rehab, and lower back, upper back and core strengthening  exercises. We also cover all the post natal specific stretches that will help you feel stronger help prevent muscle aches and pains.

You will be spending hours (approx. 336 in the first 6 weeks!) sitting still while
feeding your baby so mobility and stretching are so important.

Ready to jump straight into the outdoor group classes? Click here

  • How does the intro offer work?
    We offer a 2 week unlimited trial for $50. The trial activates on your first visit and then you have 14 days to try as many Bootcamp or Mums and Bubs Sessions as you like.
  • How do I sign up?
    If you've already completed your trial or you're happy to sign straight up, then you can purchase your membership on our website or via our APP. Your membership will activate on purchase.
  • How do the memberships work?
    All our memberships are on a fortnightly auto-renewing basis and payments are in advance. You can cancel or hold at anytime we just ask for 7 days notice. Please see here for our full terms and conditions.
  • Where can I download the APP?
    Click here to download the app for iPhone or here for android.
  • Do classes need to be booked?
    Yes all classes need to be booked online or via our app. We recommend using the app to manage your schedule.
  • Can I book a recurring class?
    Absolutely! If you always attend the same classes you can set your booking up as a recurring one. Each class booking will then appear separately in the my schedule tab of the app. You can then cancel a particular date individually in the my schedule tab (up to 30 minutes before that session) without affecting future bookings. 1) Select the class you would like to book as a recurring session. 2) Click the "Does not repeat" button. 3) Turn the slider to "on" 4) Update frequency to weekly 5) Select when this will end. You can either put a number of sessions or select a date when this booking will end.
  • What is the cancellation policy for classes?
    We understand life gets in the way sometimes so we have a very flexible policy. All classes can be booked or cancelled up to 30 minutes before without penalty. Any late cancellations or no-shows will forfeit that class.
  • What is the free childcare?
    Childcare is included in every Mums and Bubs Class. All our nannies are experienced with children and have their WWCC. To learn more about our nannies please visit our Mums and Bubs page here. The nannies can take children from 6 weeks old to school age. They will be setup near (but not too near as to cause a distraction!) to where you train and will contact the trainer by phone if there are any issues during the session.
  • What are the challenges?
    Our unique training schedule offers 5 different 10 week challenges through the year. These are designed to keep you motivated and keep your body and mind challenged.
  • What is recovery week?
    Recovery week is the week in between each challenge. It is a week of lighter sessions, some games and lots of stretching!
  • Can I join at any time?
    Absolutely! You can sign up or do a trial at any time and jump into whichever challenge is currently on.
  • What are the events?
    Throughout the year we offer a number of events for our members including a Fun Run, Adventure Course, 5/10k a day challenge and an annual weekend away.
  • What happens if I miss a session?
    Unlike many gyms and fitness groups we do offer make-up sessions. If life gets in the way and you miss a session one week you have the opportunity to make it up over the next two weeks.
  • What happens if it rains?
    We train rain hail or shine. We do not cancel sessions. We have wet weather options nearby for each park. Please check the location pages to see where they are for each park. Your trainer will let you know in the morning via our WhatsApp groups if you need to go to the wet weather spot.
  • What should I wear?
    Comfortable workout clothes and supportive trainers. Every member will also receive a free HHF singlet.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Feel free to bring your dog but we do ask for them to be tied up during sessions.
  • I'm a member, why am I getting a page asking me to pay when I book a class?
    If you see the following page.. This means you have completed all your sessions within your membership for the week that you are trying to make a booking for. Do not buy a new membership. To upgrade your membership please contact us at If you think that you are have a session left that week please check the "my schedule" tab to ensure you are not booked into another class you no longer want. You can cancel any unwanted bookings in that tab by clicking the red cancel button (up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time) If there are no excess classes booked in the my schedule tab and you think you should still be able to book please get in touch and will look at your account for you :-) Remember that make up sessions will expire at the end of the following week. I.E if you miss a class on Tuesday you will have all of the next week to make it up it will not expire the following Tuesday.

We work closely with Kathryn Cowen from Active Physio and recommend all ladies joining our groups or online courses have had a postnatal check up with her. (This is in addition to the 6 week check up from your GP which will often not include an internal examination)


About Kathryn 

Since the birth of her two children, Kathryn has furthered her study in the area of Women’s Health and Pre and Post Natal conditions. She offers her holistic physiotherapy approach to help women with pain and discomfort during and after pregnancy, as well as guidance for post natal recovery and strengthening. Her treatment includes the use of Real Time Ultrasound for transversus abdominus and pelvic floor muscle retraining. She manages and rehabilitates abdominal muscle separation, pelvic dysfunction, continence issues and a safe return to exercise after pregnancy. Click here to learn more or get in touch


Pelvic Floor Breathwork


To help strengthen your pelvic floor start with this simple breath work exercise.

1. Lie down flat with your knees at 90 degrees
2. Put your hands on your ribs and feel them expand as you breathe in. Relax your pelvic floor.
3. Breathe out and contract your ribs while lifting your pelvic floor.
4. Imagine your pelvic floor as a straw. When you lift your pelvic floor you are trying to suck a pea up through the straw.

Do 15 reps, rest for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times.
Try to do this daily.

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