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Healthy Habit Fitness Pram Workout

If you have just had a baby and would love to get back into some fitness but don’t quite feel ready yet, then our HHF Pram Workout out is just the thing for you! 

It can be done when you are walking in the park,  on the way to the shops, or anywhere in fact! Our simple 5 exercise workout will help give you the strength and confidence to get into some group fitness.

It can be done anywhere from 1  - 6 days a week, what ever you feel you can do. 


  • Please consult your doctor before you do any exercise.

  • You will need your 6 week post-partum check-up before starting this program.


Please remember to not put too much pressure on yourself. You have just been through a huge mental and physical stress on the body. Your mind may feel ready but remember what your body has just been through. I encourage you, depending on your past and present fitness levels and if you worked out during your pregnancy, to build it up slowly. 

Please see the table below for a guide.

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  Outdoor exercise is extremely beneficial both physically and mentally. It gives you chance to get out the house, have some fresh air and exercise with your baby. Please be sure to always warm up (10 min walk at pace or a 7 min jog, followed by leg swings, arm swings, lower back rotations and calves stretches).

 1 Walking lunges with Intervals  


  • Holding on to the pram lunge forward with one leg and bend at the knee so it is at a 90 degrees. 

  • Make sure the other leg is bent too, your back knee should be close to the ground

  • Be careful not to over lunge

  • Keep your back straight, core on, chest out and chin up

  • Your hands need to be both on the pram bar, elbows tucked


Tip: Don’t rush your walking lunges, they are great for legs and core stability too.

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2 Pram Push Up


  • Park your pram up and put it on a lock. 

  • Kneel down in front of the pram and place your hands on the bottom of the pram. 

  • Keep your weight forward, core engaged and bum down. 

  • Bend at the elbow lower your chest to the pram and breathe out as you push 


Tip: This can be a really fun way to keep your little one entertained as well.

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 3 Squat ‘n’ Roll


  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes forward. 

  • Hold on to the stroller with your elbows bent, abs drawn in, shoulders back and down.

  • Keeping your weight over your heels, bend your knees into a squat until your  thighs are as close to parallel to the ground as possible, leaning your torso forward at a 45-degree angle

  • Keep your knees over your ankles and straighten your arms, letting the stroller roll away from you


Tip: Make sure you’re on a flat surface so the stroller roll is smooth!

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 4  Hill Sprints

This one is great for your cardio fitness. 

  • Find a hill and do 3 - 5 hill repeats. 

  • Depending on your current fitness level, start with a small hill (30m) and power walk it, or choose a larger hill (100m) and sprint up it. 


Tip: Your heart rate should be raised at the top.

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5 Pram Plank


  • This is a good one to finish on. 

  • Park and lock the pram. 

  • Put your feet on the front of the pram and your hands on the floor.  

  • Keep your hips parallel to the ground and your shoulders directly over your wrists keeping your back and bottom flat. 

  • Hold for as long as you can and take note how long you do

  • Just do this one once to finish on


Tip: Remember how long you held it for and try and beat it next time!

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To finish the workout please do a 5 min walk cool down and static stretches.

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