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Kathryn Cowen 
B.App.Sc.(Phty), Cert Acup, Cert Pilates










Kathryn Cowen is an experienced physiotherapist who enjoys working with her

patients to understand not just their pain or injury, but also their lifestyle and interests, which ensures she is working with each patient in a holistic way. Her treatments are focused on overall wellbeing and often combine

posture assessment, acupuncture, massage, yoga and customised Clinical Pilates programs, along with physiotherapy manual therapy techniques.  Kathryn educates her clients so that they have a clear understanding of their problem or pain. She then supports, encourages, and motivates her patients to gain and then maintain a healthy body. It is a ‘hands on’, active and exercise based approach to musculoskeletal injury treatment and rehabilitation. 


Kathryn has a particular interest in treating spinal problems, especially those related to the pelvis, thoracic spine and rib dysfunction. Her biomechanical approach looks at the body as a whole, often leading to treatment of several areas of the body at the same time. She also has extensive experience working with necks, shoulders, hips and knees. Rehabilitation relating to yoga injuries and treating those with injuries or pain related to hypermobility are also her areas of expertise. 


Since the birth of her two children, Kathryn has furthered her study in the area of Women’s Health and Pre and Post Natal conditions. She offers her holistic physiotherapy approach to help women with pain and discomfort during and after pregnancy, as well as guidance for post natal recovery and strengthening. Her treatment includes the use of Real Time Ultrasound for transversus abdominus and pelvic floor muscle retraining. She manages and rehabilitates abdominal muscle separation, pelvic dysfunction, continence issues and a safe return to exercise after pregnancy. Kathryn is passionate about supporting women throughout life and also works with women after gynaecological surgery such as hysterectomy, following treatment for breast cancer, she provides treatment for the musculoskeletal challenges which can accompany menopause and develops weight bearing exercise programs to manage osteoporosis. 


In the past Kathryn has worked as a sports massage teacher, personal trainer, yoga teacher, sports massage therapist and strapper for West Harbour Rugby Union club. She has also taught physiotherapy group exercise sessions involving yoga and Pilates for many years. 


Kathryn is also a multidisciplinary artist. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons) in 2007, maintains a studio in Marrickville and exhibits regularly at a number of Sydney galleries.  

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