Lara Creber



‘Fitness..make it a habit’ and ‘You never regret a workout.’


As soon as I got off the plane from England I looked around this beautiful country with amazing weather and so many beaches and parks around me and I realised my lifestyle needed to change. I wasn’t happy with some bad habits I’d developed at University and wanted to get back into sport and create some healthy habits instead.


I had always loved exercise and sport and remembered how good it made me feel. I read that it took only six weeks to form a habit and two weeks to break it. I set myself the 6 week goal and never looked back. It was time to start a healthy habit, a habit of fitness and I wanted to share this with others. 

This is why I started Healthy Habit Fitness. I wanted to create a community of liked minded people all working together to achieve a common health and fitness goal.


With a life-long love of sports including swimming, running, cycling, netball and horse riding I then committed 10 years of women’s AFL. I was Vice Captain for two years and Captain for three. I have also Captained the NSW team and the NSW Masters Team.

In the off season of AFL I like to challenge myself with triathlons, half marathons and just recently a marathon and my first 70,3 Iron Woman.


I find that training in a group has enormous benefits. We support each other, push each other and have a laugh a long the way.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Manchester University

  • Certificate 3 Group Fitness Instructor

  • Certificate 4 Personal Training

  • Certificate 3 Pre and Post Natal Training

  • Spin Instructor

  • Advanced Boxing

  • Advanced Nutrition

  • Health and Fitness Writer for ACON

  • Founder of Mardi Gras Fun Run 'Rainbow Run'.

  • Captain of Sydney Uni AFL Womens team 2013, 2014, 2015.

  • Captain of Women NSW State Team 2016.

  • Finalist in Small Business Awards 2016.

  • Bronze Life Saving.

Ruth Sutton


“You just need to turn up!”

My experience as a trainer for Healthy Habit is a little bit different as I originally joined up as a member of one of the Mum’s and Bub’s sessions when my youngest daughter was about 9 months.  Since making that decision to join, I am now the fittest I have ever been, have taken up surfing,  team sports such as touch rugby, basketball and netball, and have completed the City2Surf, Harbour Run and a half- marathon (contemplating a full marathon!).

I think that outdoor group fitness is a fantastic way to train and get fit.  Working in a group setting increases motivation so much, there is a social aspect which is awesome and being outside is good for the soul (in my opinion).  I know 100% that if I had tried to get fit by myself in a gym for example, I would not have got the results I did.

I have always had an interest in the body and exercise, and completed a diploma of massage therapy after leaving University. However, it was not until I had been training with Healthy Habit for about 4 years that I decided to study and obtain my certificate so I could help others achieve their fitness goals too.  I feel passionate about providing motivating, safe and effective sessions that will make members push themselves and feel a sense achievement once they have finished.  It feels amazing to see people reach their fitness goals and know that you helped them get there.

I also have a special interest in encouraging mums to get back into exercise after having kids. Exercise is great way to take some time for yourself, regain some energy and feel great.  Some of our fittest members are mums!

  • Bachelor of Arts – Victoria University of Wellingto

  • Diploma of Massage Therapy – New Zealand College of Massage

  • Certificate III in Fitness - FIA

  • Certificate lll Pre and Post Natal 



Mitch Kemmis



'It’s not the weight you move, it’s the way you move it

Bodies are made in the kitchen and crafted through your training.'

 I grew up playing lots of sport (Baseball, Basketball and cross country). However, once I reached my adult years, I started working in a sedentary job, stopped playing sport and didn’t focus too much on what I ate.  As a result, I became unfit and overweight.  Looking around the office one day, I didn’t like what I saw for the majority of guys 10-20 years older then me and decided I needed to make my health a priority.


I started as most people do, going for runs to try and improve my fitness and lose weight.  Along my runs I discovered an outdoor bootcamp running in the local area.  I signed up for my first class, remember dying within the first 2 minutes, but was instantly hooked.  Later that year, my coach launched a PT and nutrition program, which became the major turning point in my life.  The nutrition sessions helped me completely reevaluate my approach to food and build lifelong sustainable healthy eating habits.  


This passion quickly turned into a desire to want to help other people with their health, nutrition and fitness journey.


  • Bachelor of Business

  • Cert III - Group Fitness Instructor (FIA)

  • Cert IV - Personal Trainer (FIA)

  • Nutrition Coach (FIA)

  • Pre and Post Natal (FEO)

  • Metabolic Precision Level 2 coach - Nutrition and Transformation Specialist 

Mark Massingham


There is a saying "your body is a temple"..... which it is, but sometimes the temple needs a little renovation! My fitness journey definitely started out as a little renovation but soon turned into a project I am still passionate about more than 10 years later. 

As I left my 30s I left behind one or two unhealthy habits and developed a few healthier new ones..... and oh what a feeling! 

Like everything in life, jobs, partners, homes etc,  we are always trying to find the right fit; exercise is no different. Whether it was a particular piece of gym equipment, exercise, time of day to train, or even a different gym, I spent a fair while trying to find my fit which ultimately led to me dipping in and out of fitness....then I discovered group training and I have never looked back! 

We already know the benefits of laughter and exercise; why would anyone want to miss the chance of taking both together? That's what group fitness delivers and that's why after 10 years of enjoying the benefits I quit the corporate world to help support others on their own journey; extending my passion to help people who "can't do that" to people who "can't stop doing that!". Whatever your age or condition I have the personal experience and knowledge to help you get to where you want to be.


  • Cert III - Group Fitness Instructor

  • Cert IV - Personal Trainer

  • Level II - Suspension fitness

  • Diploma in advanced training

  • Pre and Post Natal Certificate

  • Attainment - Strength training and nutrition.


Cynthia Lo


'You want me to something... tell me I can't do it.'

Cynthia started running cross country races when in high school in the United States. Soon after, she discovered her love for long distance running and began competing in half marathons and marathons. 

After school, Cynthia moved onto triathlons and has since competed in 2 full Ironmans and 6 Half Ironmans.

In 2011, hungry for yet another challenge, she trained for and competed in the Comrades Marathon, racing the 90km South African ultra marathon in 10 hours and 54 mins. 


In 2012, Cynthia switched to competitive road cycling racing for an Elite women's cycling team in New York City. 


After moving to Australia in 2014, Cynthia joined Healthy Habit Fitness and returned to her first love of running combined with functional strength training. Some of her most recent race highlights include: 


  • 1st Place Age Group, Manly Dam 21 km Trail Race, Sydney (2018)

  • 5th Place Overall Female, HYSAN Island 19 km Trail Race, Hong Kong (2017)

  • Stromlo Running Festival 30 km Trail Race, Canberra (2016, 8 months postpartum)

Locally, Cynthia has also competed in the Blackmores Half Marathon (2015, 2016, 2017), Sydney Running Festival 10k (2016, 2017), Sydney Half Marathon (2015, 2017), and City to Surf (2017).