Every challenge will take you through a different fitness journey. They are all designed to keep you on your toes and wanting more. As the weeks progress in challenge the workouts also get harder, you wouldn’t want to miss a session!

January 6th – March 1st (8 weeks)


Fitness Challenge and Body Scanner

Gained a few pounds over Christmas? Over exerted on fun and feel like your fitness has suffered? Good! This is the challenge for you! We fitness test you on the first week back, train you up and re test you at the end of the challenge too.  We have an optional add on to use our Body Scanner for just $20. You will get your results emailed to you. The scanner measures your body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat and your metabolic age too!

Recovery week March 2nd – 8th

March 9th - May 17th (10 weeks)


HIIT Challenge

This High Intensity Interval Training Challenge will have you addicted to exercise. Full body functional exercises that have the fat dripping off. High variety of equipment and exercises that never lets you get bored. Our super circuit Saturday gives you the option to keep building on your personal best results. Train hard all week to come out on top for the weekend.


Recovery week May 18th- 24th

May 25th – August 9th (11 Weeks)


City 2 Surf and Cross Training Challenge

This is a combined session of running drills and cross training workouts. For those that want to do the City 2 Surf the training is there, with Sydney iconic long runs on a Saturday too.


City 2 Surf gives you the opportunity to really focus on becoming a better runner with a fantastic event to finish it with.  If you cant get motivated on your own then join in our fun supportive team. We will have you getting y our own personal best with a whole lot of fun along the way. 


Cross Training is lots mini workouts in each session that is spread across a range of cardio and strength based training. This is an extremely effective way to keep fit over winter. No session is the same


Recovery week August 10th – 16th




August 17th – October 18th (9 weeks)


Adventure Training

This is arguably the most challenging of all our challenges. This is Tough Mudder training. Each session a mini adventure course. We have sand bags, tyres, battle ropes and more.  Find out what you are really made of. Please don’t come dressed to impress, you will get dirty. At the end of this challenge we have our own in house competition to see which group can complete the adventure course the fastest. 

Recovery week: October 19th - 25th







October 26th – December 22nd (8 weeks)

Summer Body Boost

Sun’s out get your guns out! You've shredded heaps of kilos on the last round, now it's time to get those muscles pumping and popping out for summer! In this challenge we will be super setting each muscle group for maximum muscle. That summer tan will be also be coming along nicely while you workout ; )


Closed: December 20th – Jan 4th



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