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Why Join Us?


Have you been creating some bad habits recently? Maybe you've let your exercise plan fall to the wayside and you have become the master of excuses? "I'm too busy, I'm tired, it's too hot, it's too cold, I've too much work on.' Well it's time to stop! Start today and put your health and fitness first. Make fitness your healthy habit!

We make it easy for you! All you have to do is turn up. We have stacks of times and locations. Our workouts are only 45 mins so you can fit them into your day. Workouts are effective and fun, in fact we have 5 different challenges a year so you will never get bored.

Put your health and fitness first today and book in for your Kick Starter Package. Once you start you will find you can find the time, you can get that body you want, you can feel energised and you can lead a healthy and fulfilling life. You will not regret it!

Get Outside!

It's easy to get in a fitness rut when your body knows exactly what to expect from your gym machines and work outs.  Many of us already spend too much time indoors sitting at a desk - so why not get outside, get a bit closer to nature in Sydney’s beautiful parks and fill your lungs with fresh air?

Outdoor training makes you work harder and see results faster. Numerous pieces of research show a clear connection between spending time outdoors and a reduction in stress.  Fresh air and increased oxygen also helps release the feel-good brain chemical, serotonin – meaning your outdoor training sessions not only help keep you fit and healthy - they put you in a positive mood too.


Exercising in a group has been proven to push people to new limits. You can share, compare and compete your way to a fitter version of yourself. Exercising in groups provides you with that team support when you need it, encouragement when you want to give up and challenges you to work harder - plus you can make new friends by meeting like-minded people who share your fitness goals. 


What we offer


We have been growing since 2010, so we must be doing something right! Read what some of our satisfied members have to say



Feel like you have no time to your self? Want to feel energised and at your best? This can be achieved!

The small group personal sessions are tailored to mums and where they are at with their pregnancy or birth recovery. Our sessions are for an hour and include FREE child care. 

You will hate to miss a session once you get started!


Bored, unmotivated or confused on how to train? You are in the right place!


Our sessions are designed to keep you motivated and wanting more.


We stand out from the rest because every 8-11 weeks we change our training style and challenges.

Not only will you feel strong, confident and positive but you will part of a wider community of like minded people


 If you aren't comfortable training in groups, want a specific time or prefer training on your own then this is for you.


Our personal training is guaranteed to give you the results you want. Let us give you the one-to-one attention and tailor sessions for you. 

You will get so much out of these sessions and have someone to guide you all the way to you goals. 


Want to find new ways to energise, bond and get the most out of your staff?

Our programs will guarantee that. team workouts will not only build a rapport in the office but have your staff physically and mentally strong.


Check out what our different programs have to offer, you wont be disappointed. 



Lara Creber



Lara Creber is an English ex-pat and her life-long interest in sport, and her love of the Australian outdoors, drove her to start Healthy Habit Fitness over ten years ago. 


She has been a State level competition winning AFL player and award wining personal trainer for over 12 years. She has also completed many events such as the Iron Man 70.3 in Cairns,  Blackmores Sydney Marathon, numerous City to Surfs and Tough Mudder to name a few.  Lara really knows how to motivate and help people achieve their personal best fitness levels. 

She is a firm believer that fitness isn't just about improving our physical health - it's key to boosting our mental and emotional health too. 


As a well as a customer base that sees results and keeps coming back, she has built a fitness community inspiring team of trainers. 

“I am constantly challenged and motivated. Lara caters to every fitness level at once because she knows we are all at different stages in life! I have two kids and I work full time. I have no troubles fitting any of my training sessions in!” 
—  Lisa