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5 Tips to get ready for Healthy Habit Fitness

1. Set the alarm and don’t listen to any excuses not to get up in your head! ‘I’m tired’, ‘I have a big day at work’. Exercise actually helps all of these but if you give yourself time to think of excuses why you shouldn’t get up then it will be game over. The result being a grumpy you that will regret not working out. As Nike says, 'Just do it'.

2. Be prepared. Set you clothes out ready to slip on. Get a water bottle and a towel. Don’t wear anything too pretty.. remember this is bootcamp, not an active wear show. Oh and you get a free singlet anyway.

3. Tell all your friends! This will make you accountable. It’s an exciting time! You’re starting something new, something that will have a hugely positive effect in your life. Well done you!

4. Put the time table on the fridge: Keep it there, bold to see. Highlight the sessions you are doing an stick to it. You just need to keep turning up and we’ll help you with the rest.

5. Mentally prepare yourself. Most importantly, don’t be afraid! Mentally run through it (pardon the pun) in your head. Get up, get dressed, workout and feel amazing afterwards!

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