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7 Effective Meal Planning Tips

Get your time back with these effective meal planning tips

Let's dive into some straightforward meal planning tips that won't take up all your time and take some stress off your plate

Love What You Eat

Start with meals you actually enjoy. No need to force yourself into fancy recipes. Your favorite homemade spaghetti or chicken stir-fry? Perfect.  You’re more likely to stick to a plan if it’s something you enjoy and something you cook at home is always going to be better for you the takeaway.

Never cook for one

Cook once, eat twice (or thrice). If you grill chicken tonight, think chicken salad for lunch tomorrow. It's all about working smarter, not harder.

Keep It Simple and Varied

Mix up your meals, but don’t overcomplicate them. Some days, a sandwich is just as good as a three-course meal. Balance is key.

Plan Your Snacks

Snacks can make or break your eating habits.  They’ll also help you achieve your goals.  Incorporating an energy boosting and vitalising morning/afternoon tea into your day can help stabilise your appetite and prevent overeating at night. Fresh fruits, nuts, or yoghurt are great choices. Prep them in advance so you can grab and go.

Smart Shopping

Prep your shopping list in advance and tick it off as you go. This will ensure you have everything you need to prepare your meals, reduce on waste and save you some money.

Make Cooking Fun

Put on your favorite music or a podcast to make cooking feel like a relaxing part of your day, not just another task.

Start small

If you’re new to meal planning, start small and keep it simple. Even if it’s just one or two meals for the week.  Let yourself establish your new healthy habit and then you can build upon it.

That’s it! Simple, right? Meal planning doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. Keep it straightforward, fun, and tailored to you and enjoy the time you get back in your life.

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