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Mini Stress Busting Workouts With Bub

Sometimes all you need to do is sweat and get your heart rate up. This will help alleviate some stress hormones and release the all important endorphins which will help you feel better.

Here are some simple ideas you can do with your little one (they love it too!).

Attack Those Stairs

Most babies love the carrier. Strap them in and off you go to your nearest set of stairs. Set yourself a time and simply do as many repeats as you can! Start off with 3 x 2 minute repeats with a 1 minute recovery and slowly increase over from there.

Hills Are Your Friend

I've come to realise that mums avoid hills. This is not surprising, seeing as we lack sleep and have probably spent hours trying to leave the house. All you want is a leisurely stroll in the park. If you are feeling stressed however, I urge you to try a few hills. The intensity will do your mind and body wonders and you will feel better afterwards. The view at the top of a hill is also always way better.

Add Some Resistance Into Your Walks

Waking is good for the soul, but resistance training is even better for the body. With your change in hormones after pregnancy and after loosing some strength, it is important to regain your strength back. Start off my incorporating it into your daily pram walks.

Engage your pelvic floor while pushing the pram, keep your back straight pelvis tucked in and elbows tucked in too. Add squats and walking lunges to strengthen your legs.

These are great ways to get get the heart rate up and feel better. Don't over think it, just leave the house and get moving. Something is better than nothing : )

Healthy Habit Fitness is an outdoor training group with free child care. to find out more information please click here.

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