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The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make Returning to Exercise

Updated: Jan 3

From my experience when people want get back into exercise there is a real mental barrier to getting started. A lot of my members have trained before, but struggle how to get their mindset right on how to come back. Here are my top three mistakes, and how to solve them, on why people fail to come back to exercise successfully.

Trying to start from where you left off

If you think you can start from where you left off you are mistaken. You are setting yourself up to fail! One guy I spoke to went to the gym 5 days a week for 3 years and just one day stopped, and never went back! The longer he didn't go the harder it was to actually go back. He put an unrealistic expectation on himself to go back 5 days a week, it was that or nothing, so he did nothing for 2 years!

The key is start small and build it up slowly. Do not put too much pressure on yourself and be happy you are doing something. Something is better than nothing. In fact, it is more beneficial to leave your workout not feeling too exhausted, at the start, because then it builds a positive relationship with exercise and you want to go back!

Work at a 60% intensity for the first few weeks and get your fitness habit going. With out even realising you will be working at a higher intensity level by the end of the one month mark. Once you have done two sessions week for a month, bump it up to three and you will see a huge boost in your fitness levels.

No Setting any Goals

If you have no goals then you are not aiming for anything and motivation can deteriorate.

They do not need to be huge goals, just few basic but effective ones. Goals such as ‘I’m want to lose weight’ or ‘I want to get fit’ don’t really cut it. They need to be more specific. A good way to set some goals is to do fitness tests and measurements. You can then compare these a month later, a huge motivational tool.

Accountability and Reward System

I find the more people you tell, the more it becomes a reality. You don’t have to tell everyone you meet on the street, but people who are close to you for sure. This way they can support you and make you accountable. Instead of going for a coffee you could do a coffee and walk, they would probably wan the exercise too! At home, your partner or friend might support you in not eating the wrong foods in front of you, or better still, support you on doing so.

If you are successful, then you must be rewarded! Not with cake haha (take away the emotional connection with food), but something you wouldn’t normally do, a massage, a night off from the kids, a hot bath with magnesium or a day trip somewhere.

Remember what you are doing will have huge benefits for your health and wellbeing. You have invest time and effort in yourself.

To keep track of your goals put up a calendar on your wall where you have your goals listed. Tick off each day when you achieve them. Small things like this is consent positive reinforcement that will also keep you on track.

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