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Top 10 Tips To Lose Weight

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Spring is the time of year when I get asked a lot on how to trim down. While it is common knowledge to eat healthy nutritious meals, here are some very practical tips on how to stay on top of your game and how to stick to it:

1 - If you fail to plan you plan to fail. It is so important to plan your weekly nutrition. When you are tired or in a rush you will grab anything that is available. Have your meals planned and healthy snacks on you so it is easy to go for the healthy option every time. Healthy food does fill you up!

2 - Drink a large glass water while you eat. It is easy to forget to drink water so do it at every meal. This will also help you fill up and not over eat.

3 - Have three food groups at every meal. Look at your food as nutrition and fuel, carbohydrates, protein and vitamins and minerals.

4 - Make an effort with your food, treat your self to a big juicy steak, or the slightly expensive chai seeds. This is your health we are talking about, get your priorities right. You want to look forward to your meals. Adding the strawberries with breakfast, or the goats cheese with your salad, taste will make all the difference and make you feel satisfied.

5 - Do not eat processed food! It is empty calories that is generally not good for you and will make you feel hungry again very quickly. Eat fresh food, have herbs and spices instead of jars of sauce, avoid the middle isles in supermarkets!

6 - Sit down at the table to eat your meals. Be conscience of what you are eating and appreciate your food. This should stop over eating while watching TV. When you have finished at the table you have the finished eating.

7- Only eat to you are 80% full. You don't need to be stuffed at the end of every meal.

8 - If you have a sweet tooth then have a piece of dark chocolate for desert. If not have a cup of tea or piece of fruit to signify you have finished eating. Brush your teeth afterwards to deter you from eating again.

9 - Don't give into peer pressure (partners, friends, kids lol). You be the strong one, you set the example and they will follow. Learn to say 'no thank you I'm sticking to a healthy diet and train alot so I don't want to step backwards thanks', and be ok with it, put yourself first. The more you say no (to yourself too) the easier it will become and eventually you won't even think of wanting that chocolate or cheese and ham croissant.

10 - Stop making excuses! Just do it. Put the effort in for all the above and you will get there, you will get to your goal weight, you will feel amazing, you will have more energy, you will be strong role model for your family,friend or partner, you will create your healthy habit!

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