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10 Day Run Challenge

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

With Summer Body Boost in full swing and your muscles adapting to our new training style, it's time to set a mini running challenge.

This challenge is part of your membership so it is FREE.

3KMS or 5KM A DAY FOR 10 DAYS STARTS: Monday 13th November ENDS: Wednesday 22rd November

Rules: 1 - You have to choose either 3km or 5km to run or walk.

2 - Once you have chosen you can not change your mind or mix it up. 3 - You must do the chosen number kilometres consecutively and not spread them out over the day. 4 - You can not do more or less of the chosen number on different days.

I think that covers all the usual questions ; ) The challenge is to do the run every day for 10 days without fail. No exceptions.

How is it recorded? 1 - Go onto the HHF app and register your name before Monday 14th. (If you cannot see the challenge change your home location to Sydney Park and it should be visible) 2 - Download Map my Run. 3 - Add Lara Creber as your friend. 4 - You will then be added to the challenge. 5 - Record your daily runs on the map my run app. (There is no need to send them to me, I will be viewing them through Map my run).

PS On the app it says 'Most workouts', this is just a setting that I couldn't change. The challenge is the one explained above.

HOT TIP *Get your run done in the morning if you can*

This is a great challenge as it is achievable for all levels, but it is challenging!! It will also leave you wanting more.. just you wait and see.

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