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2020 Xmas Party

Our end of year Christmas party is a fantastic way to reflect on the year and all you have achieved. Not only can you see how much we have put you through and how far you have come in your fitness journey, but it's a great game of 'who are you' because no one recognises each other out of their sweaty clothes LOL.

Members bring a dish to share (prize for most healthiest and tastiest) so you can show off your cooking skills and sample other delights. The food is always outstanding, thank you for all your efforts.

We have four main prizes that have you on the edge of you seat to who has stood out this year, who has tried their hardest, who has improved, who has been excellent in performance and attitude, and ultimately who has won the prize of all prizes .. 'HHF Member of the Year'. This is an award that will only pass through few hands. It takes years of commitment, performance, positivity and all round member awesomeness. Please see below the nominees and winners below:

Newcomer: Kim Phan - Thein (Nicole Hendley, Kate Simon, Alicia Tyler, Marakia Ropte, Simone Leckey)

Most Improved: Tamzin Jackman (Mandy Boxem, Kathryn Boot).

Excellence: Lotty Aerts (Lydia Bryson, Jana Karatasis, Jonelle Thompson, Charlotte Barrett).

Mum of the Year: Angela Crow (Sally Trotter, Lucy Jackson).

A sincere well done to everyone that trains with HHF. You are all committed people who turn up week in and week out and have truely made fitness your Healthy Habit.

To see more photos click this link here:

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