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5 Tips To Keep You Motivated During Lockdown

1 - Set realistic workout goals, no longer than 45mins. Short and often is best. Put them on the fridge at home as a daily reminder.

2 - Be accountable! Tell your partner or friend and check in with each other each day.

3 - Don’t let your nutrition intake crumble. What you buy and have in the house is what you eat. Plan you meals, make then nutritious and delicious you look forward to then each day. If you are going to have a treat, take a walk to get it from the shops.

4- Invest in your fitness and take advantage of our 50% off Personal Training offer for July, or join our zoom classes which will keep working out with a group of people fun!

5- Where possible do some of your workouts outside to get the daily fix of fresh air and vitamin D!

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