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7 Ways to Keep Fit on Holiday

Coastal Run

If you have had a long flight then the chances are you are a bit jet lagged and might experience 'kankles'. This best way to deal with this is to go for a light jog to get the blood pumping and set your body clock to the right time zone. It is also like you will be dehydrated so drink plenty of water too.

Family and Friend Workout

If you are visiting family and friends I often find it alot of running around to meet everyone. Why not organise a friendly game of soccer with all your family and friends. It is a great way for everyone to get involved and social event too. You can kill two birds with one stone, exercise and have fun too!

Site Seeing

Going to another country often involves new and exciting places to see. In my recent trip to London I did 15km of walking in one day. Instead of catching the tube or bus, set out for a days walking between sites, you'll be amazed how much more you get to see.

Park Workout

It's pretty easy to find a park or bench or wall. This body resistance workout will help keep your strength while overseas. 20 squats, 20 step ups, 20 push ups, 20 dips, 20 crunches, 5 rounds.

Fun Activity

Depending where you go there will always be a fun holiday activity to do! Instead of lying on the beach all day, get some form of activity in. Here I went snorkelling and did 4 laps of the beach. Other activities include kayaking, hiking, cycling, water skiing, the list is endless!


This is the most fun one of them all! An hour of dancing can burn up to 450 calories in one hour. If the music is good you may be dancing for hours! Something everyone can join in on!

Beach Workout

A lot of us enjoy our beach holidays. Grab a friend or family member and get up a little earlier when it is cooler and get a soft sand run in. A high intensity workout that does't need to be long. You can then jump in the sea afterwards, one of the best feeling ever! This is a great way to lap up the surroundings and enjoy sweating before breakfast.

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