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7 Week Challenge Success!

Our first ever 7 week challenge was a huge success! We had a 10 lucky mums who trained with us in Centennial park (child care included on site). The challenge was to attend two training sessions a week and do two 45 mins walks a week for 7 weeks. The condition was to put down $350 which was fully refundable if you did all your sessions, how motivating is that!

The results have been amazing. We have had weight loss, a huge improvement in fitness (strength and cardio), friendships made, fitness habits created and happy mums and happy little ones!

Danni lost 5kgs in 7 weeks. 'It's made me accountable.. instead of staying at home and doing the washing ... I got outside and really enjoyed the walks'

Due to the success of the challenge we are now looking for 10 lucky mums in Maroubra and Marrickville to start our new 7 week challenge. Click on the relevant links below and you too can take advantage of this fantastic offer! Click for Maroubra or Marrickville.

The start date is week commencing 22nd July. Hurry! Spots fill up fast!

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