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FITNESS TEST RESUTS What a great first round for the year. We had some excellent fitness tests results and extremely consistent and energetic training done by all. You are all awesome. Fact.

BEEP TEST Our top 5 on the dreaded beep test went to Russel and Jason Liu on a whopping 11.1 each, our new mum who has had a huge improvement all round, Sophie W at 10.6, Tim, with another great improvement, was just under at 10.5 and Katie P who always puts a solid effort in, even after a holiday, at 10.4. Our improvements were fantastic all round, anything over an increase in one level you should be really patting yourself on the back. Special congrats to Simone, Alicia and Ana with a huge improvement of 2.2. Jason L and Tim, who started high and still managed to improve by 2 levels. Bonnie and Lo also with an impressive increase in 2 levels too.

SQUAT HOLD Our top finisher I thought I was going to have to leave there, have dinner, sleep and come back in the morning! Elise managed an outstanding 8.05mins with Bronte at 8min very close behind. The next top 3 also had impressive results with Erin at 6.1mins, Nikki (our photographer extraordinaire) at 5.42mins and newbie Angela at 5.39. Most improved went to Elise with 4.02mins, Erin W 3.35mins, Claire M 3.15mins, Angela 2.47 and Bonnie 2.25mins, all with legs of steel. PUSH UPS This year we decided to measure your push ups on your toes where possible. Congrats to Jason Liu coming first again in another category, Pete 60, Colin 55, Natasha 52 and Ron 49 all with big numbers too. Push ups on your toes are hard! Well done to those that managed to improve, esp our tops efforts: Nic 29, Loraine 22, Pete 20, Kathryn 20, Simone 18, Lydia 18 and Jason Liu. PLANK A very close call with the top plankers in the group! A whopping 5.16mins by Kristie, 6mins by Nikki, Claire M 4.30, Will 4.10 and Cherry 4mins. You will all be sure tho have a six pack by summer ; ) To increase by over 30 secs in the plank is a good result, so these results are fantastic...Nikki 2.27mins, Ann 2.05mins, Mario 1.39mins, Helen 1.26mins and Audrey 1.19mins.

SPRINT Conditions were far better in the second testing than the first due to a less boggy oval . We still do however have some great times in our top 5 'Speedy Gonzales': Emmet 34, Rodrigo 34, Sandeep 34, Katie 35, Paula 35, Pete 35 and Russel 35. To improve by a few seconds in the sprint is always a win but anything over 5 seconds means you either had lead in your shoes the first time or you trained hard for the second ; ) Well done Chrystelle 10secs, Elise 9, 7secs and Rochelle 7secs, Jemima 7 secs.

AGILITY Your twinkle toes were impressive! All the ladder work and sprints paid off. There were some awesome improvements with Erin 6.11secs, Ann 3.92secs, Anita 3.4secs, Greg 2,76secs and Bonnie 2.44. As predicted the top 5 would be super close. Well done to Tim 17.79secs, Jason Liu 17.96secs, Sal J 18.3secs, Sally T 18.31secs, Colin 18.36secs.

CROSS TRAINING Some familiar names again in the top 5, an awesome demonstration of all round fitness. Jason L with 6.5mins, Bonnie 7.11mins, Elise 7.18mins, Ed 7.2mins and Katie 7.26mins. I love this test because if you are consistent then you will see a huge difference from your first one. Consistency pays off, well done to Pete 3.48mins, Ana 2.50mins, Russel 2.48 mins, Joanna 2.28mins, Helen 2.04mins.

All in all a solid effort and improvement by everyone. Keep up the sessions, keep fitness your healthy habit and you will get there.

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