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How To Be 8 Week Challenge Ready

Tell All Your Friends

Keep yourself accountable and boast to your friends, collegues and anyone who will listen lol. The more you are open about it the more you will have to turn up to those sessions and hold yourself accountable.

Decide Which Distance you are Doing

For this 8 Week Run Challenge we are fininshing off with a 5km,10km, 15km or 20km run event at the end. This will take place on Sunday 3rd August. It is the City 2 Surf route. More informatiomn will be emailed to you neare the time.

Be Prepared For the Morning

  • Get your clothes ready in the bathroom so your partner doesn't get annoyed at you for fumbling around in the dark, or even worse turning the light on!

  • Turn on 2 alarms and put them across the room so you can't hit snooze.

  • Know how long it will take you to get to the park in plenty of time, we start at 6am sharp.

  • Have a snack, like a banana or small youghurt, ready to eat before training. This will help you have enough energy get the most out of your session.


Everyone has their own personal goal of what they want to get out of this challenge. Whether it is do your first 5km or get a PB in a 10km, or simply finish it without stopping. Visualise what it will look and feel like to accomplish this and you already have the mental advantage.

Set Simple Weekly Goals

Our ethos is to repeat small achievable habits, which will then lead you to your goals. Set realistic goals. Remember this is an 8 week challenge, so you need to be able to achieve these goals without it being too much of an effort.

A fitness goal could be to do 2 sesisons a week for 8 weeks. A nutrition goal could be to make sure you eat your protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat breakfast within 30minutes of the session (for maximal effect of nurtrients).

Follow these easy steps and you wil be 'Challenge Ready!' Please reach out if you have any questions at all and our friendly trainers will be more than happy to help : )

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