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Larapinta Trail

It is commonly known that when one reaches 40 one can have what's known as a mid life crisis lol. These two adventurous gals did just that and challenged themselves to a 5 day hike in the Northern Territory. See how they took on the Larapinta trail and what they learnt from it:

Alliras Answers:

1 - What did you do, who's idea was it and why did you do it?


I was also turning 40 and having an existential midlife crisis so agreed to it without any knowledge of how hard it would be.

2 - What were you highs and lows? The highs- hanging with Raina and spending so much quality time, the views and the scenery, taking our backpacks off and the relief, the feeling of freedom and anticipation - haven’t felt that in a long time! Also learning new skills, how capable we truly are when put under pressure.. I'm now left feeling that myself as a 40 year old is way more competent that I ever thought possible; physically, mentally, and emotionally. What a valuable life lesson to learn! The lows- there weren’t many but for me the isolation and not being in contact with my kids. If anything had gone wrong out there we were the only people for miles… so anxiety and fear did come up but I was lucky to have the solid anchor of Raina to be my voice of reason. Our camp stove didn't work out there which meant no hot coffee and couldn't use our camp meals, but we were super resourceful and adapted to survive. So a low that actually turned out to be a test of our skills in a positive way. 3 - What training did you do for it? Boot camp… did a couple of 10km walks but that was nothing compared to having 20kg on the back climbing over boulders and mountains in the blazing heat. Sometimes not knowing how hard it’s going to be really helps because you can’t chicken out. And once you’re there the only way through it is to do it. Other people may wish to do pack hikes, and practice their camping set up. We did practice putting the tent up! 4 - What would your top 3 tips be for someone who wants to do something similar?

  1. Enjoy the moment that you're in because although it might be hard and challenging at the time, it'll pass and you'll look back and wish for that time again!! Such a beautiful, spiritual, magical land that shouldn't be rushed, or worried away.

  2. Invest in comfy hiking shoes, a camelbak, a fly net, and walking poles. These were the holy grail of survival out there. So many flies, such steep ascents and descents...

  3. Download Avenza maps that use gps to place you on the map trail in case you do get lost- even if you don't have phone reception it still works.

I could go on and on and on.... :)

Raina's Answers:

1 - What did you do, who's idea was it and why did you do it?

My idea. Larapinta Trail in the NT over 5 days. It's been on my bucket list for about 15 years I have done a few hikes before, but not this long, or hard. Having said that, it was only a few section of the 230km trail so plenty more to do!

2 - What were you highs and lows?

Highs - Sunrise breakfast at Mt Giles lookout, seeing shooting stars, watching the changing colours of the Mcdonald's Ranges at sunset, conquering each day... and driving back to Alice Springs and looking at all the mountains we trekked over. I couldn't believe we walked that distance! Or climbed that high.

Lows - Arriving at Waterfall Gorge our day 3 camp site and not finding any water to swim in. It had only recently dried up because of the heat.

3 - What training did you do for it?

Bootcamp twice a week :) But also I am motivated by mental endurance above all else. I discover my real limits when there's no other choice - it's down to survival.

4 - What would your top 3 tips be for someone who wants to do something similar?

Fly nets, water in a camelback and most importantly - hiking poles!! I thought they were for old people but they saved my bacon so many times on the trek. And helped with my bad knees.

Thanks so much fro sharing gals! What a true adventure and the start of many I'm sure. In fact Allira has come up with a crazy idea to do Tough Mudder on Sunday October 29th, email us if you are keen!

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