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Meet our Members

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Introducing Mandy and Anna - two of our new members from the Queens Park Bootcamp!

Why did you decide to join Healthy Habit?

Anna: I could feel my health had slipped after a few years of not exercising and wanted to feel good about myself and strong again!

Mandy: I wanted to get fitter, feel healthy and meet great new people!

Do you have a goal in mind to achieve from your training?

Anna: I'm getting married in one year so I want to be fit and feel great walking down the aisle!

Mandy: Walking up the Coogee Hills without getting out of breath..!

Favourite Sydney Bar/Restaurant?

Anna: Cafe Sydney

Mandy: Rosie Campbell's in Surry Hills

Best Sydney weekend activity?

Anna: Heading to Coogee Beach for a swim with Mandy after a long walk along the coast.

Mandy: A sleep in!

Favourite country you have been to and why?

Anna: Cambodia. The people, the culture, the food!

Mandy: Too many to name.. but Italy is at the top of my list because of all the amazing food and wine.

Interesting fact the rest of the Healthy Habit family should know about you guys..?

Anna: I am obsessed with dogs.. My favourite part about training at Queens Park is seeing all the pups on their morning walks! (*edit* Anna actually meant her favourite part about training is the amazing trainer....)

Mandy: I am Dutch! Born and raised in Amsterdam and moved to Sydney 5 years ago.

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