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Meet Our Trainers

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Get to know our trainers! We all know we have a love/ hate relationship with our trainer... but who are they? I thought I'd ask Ruth and Mitch a few cheeky questions to see what they are really like : )


Why did you want to become a trainer? I had been doing the mums and bubs sessions at Queens Park for a number of years after having my second daughter and they really changed my life so when the opportunity came up to retrain and join Healthy Habit I thought it would be a great opportunity. It was the best decision because I love what I do, it is so awesome to be a part of peoples journey and success story.

What is your training motto? You just need to show up! The hardest part is coming to the session - after that you don't need to think or make any decisions, just put yourselves in our hands for the hour or 45mins and at the end you will have had great workout and pushed yourself harder than you thought you could! What did you do last weekend? My weekends are usually pretty busy, but last weekend I was still unpacking boxes after moving house, coaching at my daughter's netball game and also did a facepainting gig which is my other weekend job.

Why do you love training outdoors? Who wouldn't! We get to train at some of the most amazing parks in Sydney and that is such a cool office to have. I don't care what the weather is like, I never get tired of being outside and active for my job. What’s your worst habit at the moment and what are you doing to change it? At the moment I am guilty of not finding time for myself whether it be for exercise or any of the other things on my list. I am going to start to implement more of a routine for myself and schedule in some dedicated time to acheive my goals. What’s your biggest achievement? Aside from my girls.. (obligitory answer for a mum!), I think it would be the changes I have made in the last few years, becoming a trainer, starting a business, picking up sports that I have never played before. It's never too late to learn or start something new!


Why did you want to become a trainer?

To help people with their health, fitness and nutrition journey.

What is your training motto?

It’s not the weight you move, it’s the way you move it. What did you do last weekend?

My partner and I went to Fraser Island!

Why do you love training outdoors?

True story, my first word was Tree. I’ve always loved being immersed in nature and love training in an outdoor area surrounded by trees. Also, one of the reasons I train is so I can still do bush walks as in old man in a distant future. What’s your worst habit at the moment and what are you doing to change it?

Looking at my phone before I even get out of bed. I probably need to start changing this habit by getting an alarm clock and not even bringing the phone into bed with me What’s your biggest achievement?

My two kids, Sam and Clark!

Well there you have it! Mitch loves trees and Ruth is a netball coach! Who would have guessed : )

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