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Member of the Month - Corrina Rivett

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

At the end of each round the trainers gather together and discuss who has stood out the most. Consistency, effort, excellent and attitude are what we look for. It has been extremely hard to pick as everyone has trained so well over Winter, however, here are our top picks for the City 2 Surf round:

Liz Dawes, Corina Rivett, Aileen Jefferies, Liv Guayasamin, Alex Lassell, Sarah Worrall, Audrey Moffat, Lilly Olive and Bronte Powell.

Congratulations to all, and Corrina Rivett for being out top pick. Corrina has been training since February with us and has gone from strength to strength. She has been extremely consistent, always brings positive energy and takes on anything that we throw at her. Anyone who trains with her would agree she deserves it : )

1)Why did you join Healthy Habit Fitness?

I joined HHF to improve my fitness & core strength while keep an eye on the ole waistline - and importantly to keep motivated.

2) Would you reccomnend Healthy Habit Fitness and why?

I would totally recommend HHF as it has a really great community atmosphere, I absolutely love the group training with lots of laughs along the way. The trainers are awesome, their technique tips are much needed and their encouragement always makes me find that little bit extra I didn't realise I had left in the tank!

It's become a routine I love and I don't ever consider not going, especially in the 'working from home' environment we now live in, it gets me out & into the fresh air every day. My whole day is more productive when I take the time to train so I would totally recommend it to everyone.

3) What has been your highlight so far?

My highlight would be doing the Fun Run along the C2S route, I'm not really a runner but was inspired to push my limits. I was so excited that even an old injury that popped up before the run was not going to stop me and it didn't! It was a fun day and the promise of a splash of bubbles with the champagne breakfast at the finish line in no way influenced me to run…!

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