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Run for you life!

Running running running... you know it’s good for you but why???

The best thing about running, apart from boosting your cardio fitness and melting off the kilos is it’s absolutely liberating!!

I will get 1-2 long runs in a week. I look forward to them. It’s my treat, time to myself, my world. 

Firstly, I can choose where I run.. coastal (my favourite), by the river, in the park, or through the streets. All I have to do is get up, put my trainers on a go! I don’t need anyone else, I go when I want, at what pace I want and for a long or short as I want. It is totally liberating, it’s my meditation, my weekly prayer. 

One thing I have learnt is your never regret a run!!! You always have that running high afterwards and feel like you can take on the world. Morning runs are the best, the world is still waking up, it’s quite, the sun is rising, the air is fresh, you’re up and already winning.. such a good start to the day. 

People who run are annoyingly happy right? Successful people run, determined people run. People who control their weight run, people who look after themselves run .. people with two legs.. that’s right! You can run too 😉

It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you start! The City 2 Surf is coming up, a fantastic event to aim for. Our program starts on May 29th and runs (pardon the pun) for 11 weeks. 

All fitness levels are welcome. Contact us today and let us show you how enjoyable and rewarding running can be. 

Top Tips for Running

1. Get Started! It really doesn't matter what you fitness levels are, you have to start somewhere.

2. Keep Turning up: Just keep turning up to your sessions and we will help you with the rest. If you are consistent you will see a HUGE change in your fitness.

3. Buy new trainers: Treat yourself to a new pair of trainers. Shoes that are worn out or are not the right fit can make running uncomfortable and lead to injury. Go to Athletes foot if you are unsure what trainers to buy. They will video you walking and advice on the right trainer for you.

4. Buy your City 2 Surf ticket now: Lock it in! It is such a fun event and a great goal to work towards. It will be one of our highlight this year for sure.

5. Grab friend: Is there someone who you don't get to see much due to work or family commitments? Train together, share the experience and keep each other motivated.

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