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Top Tips for the Upcoming Fun Run

The Healthy Habit 5km, 10km, 15km or 20km Fun Run is along some of the most stunning scenery in NSW. The course is challenging but it is extremely rewarding too. Check out my top tips below to prepare you and ensure you get the most out of the day.

1. Hydrate – This is the most important one. You can start hydrating day before and

drink 5 litres of water. Do the pee test, if it is clear then you are hydrated! During the run, make sure you do take some water at the water stations. It’s easy to think you don’t need water in Winter but you must keep your fluids up to help your organs function so you can perform at the best of your ability.

2. Carb Load – This is the most fun part! Eat a big bowl of pasta the night before (and a

green salad). Keep off the creamy sauce and red meat and have a tomato based sauce with fish or chicken instead. This will be easier to digest over night and your body will be able to focus on using its energy on your lungs and muscles to get you through the run.

Everyone is different when it comes to what to eat the morning of the run. If you are doing the longer distances then get up early and have some carbohydrates at least two hours before you run. Honey on white toast or oats and banana is a great example. If you don’t like to eat before exercise then a small banana is good. After the run you must replenish your body with high protein, carbohydrates and your veggies too.

3. Know the Course – Mental preparation is a huge advantage. If you know the terrain

of where you will be running then you can adjust your run accordingly. If you don’t

know the course then look at a map here:

4. Taper and Rest – We are tapering off the week before the run. The point of this is to

store energy, so by Sunday you will be bursting with energy and keen for a run!

Rest the day before, by rest I don’t mean doing the shopping, clearing out the garage

or taking the dog for a walk. At least get half a days rest in where your legs are

horizontal and your mind can be at rest and mentally prepare for the next day. Binge

some Netflix or read a good book. Visualise the next day.

5. Get there Early – Leave plenty of time to get to the start as we will be leaving

promptly. You don’t want to be rushing and undo all your preparation. I will be setting

everyone off from each starting point. I will have my car with me so you can give me

jumpers/ belongings.

6. Be Positive – It’s going to be great!! You will have all your fellow Healthy Habiters

around you, you will all support each other. You have done the training and are now


Remember to start off slow and ease into your pace. As long as your breathing is

under control you will be able to keep running : )

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