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Top tips to avoid overeating this Holiday Season

Christmas needn't be a roadblock to mindful eating. Like any other time of year you should eat in a way that is enjoyable, balanced and makes you feel good. You don't want to be in January looking for a quick fix option.

It’s far better to adopt a balanced approach than an all or nothing approach. This can help you to escape the yo-yo dieting trap. Quick-fix, rapid weight loss diets can encourage overeating both before, and after, a person starts a diet.

1) Use a plate the size of your hand when eating a meal. We tend to fill the space on

our plate no matter size it is and eat everything on it. Using a smaller plate helps

resist the temptation to overeat.

2) Wait 20 minutes after you finish eating before you go back for seconds. It takes up

to 20 minutes after you finish eating for the stomach to tell the brain it’s full.

3) Serve meals in the kitchen rather than at the table. This reduces the temptation to

mindlessly overeat what’s in front of you

4) Include high protein, high-fiber foods as part of your meals. This helps reduce

hunger cravings and help you feel full for longer.

5) When eating out, share a main meal and entrée with your partner/friend, rather

than order two meals. Meals out are often a larger serve and can easily be shared. You can also have a small snack such as a boiled egg beforehand. A small high-protein snack will fill you up enough not to ruin your meal, but should stop you eating too much or making the wrong choices which you could do if you were ravenous!

6) Remove from sight - Avoid mindless overeating by removing unhealthy snacks from sight. Clear them off the kitchen benches and the coffee table. If its not in front of you you're less likely to reach for it! Also practice portion control when you do have a treat/snack. Put the allowed portion into a dish and then put the packet away.

Remember, we can eat mindfully and still enjoy lots of different festive foods and drink over Christmas.

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