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Winners and Grinners

2023 was a fantastic year for Healthy Habiters! Every single Member has something to be proud of. There are so many inspiring stories of how you have overcome personal challenges and still managed to keep fitness your healthy habit.

Our end of year Christmas Party gives us a chance to reflect on how far you have come and of course celebrate with good food and wine. With the competiton rife for the best healthy but tasty dish your taste buds are always in for a treat.

We reflect on all the different challenges and gruelling HHF Events that were taken on. We celebrate newcomers, member's miles stones and the best of the best when it comes to fitness and effort. Our app this year has also give us stats such as the top 10 Members with the most wokouts... please see below winners for all awards:

Award Winners

Best Newcomer - Sara Rodrigo

Most Improved - Natarsha McElwain

Fitness Excellence - Joni Donagher

Bootcamper of the Year - Allira Doyle

Mum of the Year - Nataha Folkard

Ruth's Choice - Christabel Richards - Neville

Cynthia's Choice - Anton Hughes

Monica's Choice - Olinka Heyes

Best Talker - Pete Smith and Raina Weir

Best Dish - Joni Donagher

Best Show Us Your Dots - Jason Lui and Elisa Kuosmanen

Healthy Habit Member of the Year - Alicia Tyler and Maraika Ropte

Top 10 Most Workouts

  1. Charlotte Barrett - 215

  2. Alicia Tyler - 168

  3. Eduardo Jorge- 150

  4. Audrey Moffat - 147

  5. Cherry Batchelor - 144

  6. Corrina Rivett - 140

  7. Clara Davidson - 123

  8. Maraika Ropte - 109

  9. Joni Donagher - 107

  10. Anton Hughes - 106

Thank you all for a fantasic year filled with fun, blood, sweat and tears hahaha, you really do make Healthy Habit more than a fitness group, more like a wonderful community.

We wish you all happy holidays and are excited to see what 2024 brings for you all.

Team HHF x

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