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7 Tips to Healthy Habit Setting

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The start of any year is always a classic time to start writing down your goals, and more importantly your habits which will help you reach your goals.

It's important to start off with the right mind set. A goal is not a destination. Once you reach a goal you will hopefully have formed good habits which will stick around for life. An example of this is if one of your goals is to run a half marathon. You will train for months in the lead up to it. After the event is complete it would be a shame to stop running altogether. Instead, you need to think of your next goal and habits. This could be instead of running 4 times a week, to keep up twice a week instead, until you think of your next goal.

Starting new habits can be mentally and physically challenging. Make sure you:

1 - Have a good think as to why you want to do a certain goal, ask yourself why. Get to the real emotion of why and remember this if you ever start talking yourself our of something.

2 - Give yourself a start date

3 - Keep it very simple

4 - Make it achievable

5 - Don't be afraid to reassess if it isn't working for you, which brings me back to number 4. You don't want to set yourself up to fail.

6 - Reward yourself after 6 weeks if you have kept it up

7 - Pair up habits, ie jog to the park and grab your coffee on the way back.

Please click here to download your own HABIT TRACKER to keep your on board for the first 6 weeks. It is a great positive reinforcement tool that you can stick on your fridge.

Remember a daily habit needs to be something you can take in your stride each day. Over time these small habits build momentum and have a larger positive effect on your life. Be patient, be positive, be consistent and enjoy the process. Imagine if you had started 3 months ago and where you would be now. It's never the perfect time to start you just have to take that first step.

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