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What is Febfast?

During the month of February people across Australia are taking up the challenge to give up a habit such as alcohol, sugar, coffee, social media, meat etc in order to make a healthy lifestyle change and contribute to a worthwhile cause. It is a great excuse to kickstart your year in a healthy and mindful way and you might just find you want to keep your new healthier lifestyle going.

The original aim of Febfast was to encourage people to give up something for the 28 days of Feburary, and at the same time raise funds for disadvantaged Australian youth who do not have the resources and support they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, specifically with regards to . You can support this initiative by registering with Febfast at the below link and make a commitment while also helping to raise money.

Why not see the affect giving up a habit like alcohol, sugar or caffeine etc has on your body and day to day life – it is highly likely you will have more energy, sleep better, feel less anxious, save money, have better concentration, maybe lose a bit of weight and be able to push yourself harder in your training sessions - these are all great incentives to be a part of Febfast. Give it a go!

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