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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Many of our members have their healthy habit well ingrained and when that alarm goes off they don't even think before jumping out of bed to head down to the park for their workout.

Winter is a great time to train, there's blue skies and the sun is less powerful and overbearing than in the summer. But I know sometimes it can be a struggle to get up on those cold dark mornings. To help, we have put together some great tips to help you keep fit and healthy all year!

  1. Have warm clothes out and ready to wear, the less you have to think about in the morning the better.

  2. No snooze button! Get up straight away and don't let the risk of excuses come into your head. Research shows you will actually feel worse for allowing yourself to doze off for another 5/10 minutes as you will not have enough time to complete a full sleep cycle.

  3. Wake up 5 mins early and have a warm drink. A hot tea, lemon water or coffee will give you that instant hit of warmth.

  4. Put all the upcoming Healthy Habit events in your diary. Tell all your friends what you are doing so you can be accountable and they can give you support and maybe even join you in your training.

  5. Get some gloves if you don't already have some, this makes a big difference especially if you have been holding cold weights.

  6. Remember Summer bodies are made in Winter and our 'Winter' will only last a few months!

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